NZIFF’s highlights – One Actress: Nina Hoss

Nina Hoss is one of the finest contemporary German actresses. She masters her role in German thriller Phoenixanother collaboration with Director Christian Petzold. The acclaimed director-actor duo worked for the 5th time together. If you discovered or rediscovered her talent in the New Zealand International Film Festival this year, you may be would like to know more about her. Here is a quick portrait of the German star.

Nina Hoss in Phoenix by Christian Petzold

A renown and many times awarded actress

Nina Hoss is the daughter of Heidemarie Rohweder, a German stage actress that must have passed her passion on to her gifted daughter. Nina plays since her childhood and graduated from Drama School “Ernst Bush” in Berlin. She first won attention in a TV film called A Girl Called Rosemarie that looks back of the days at West Germany’s postwar. Christian Petzold spotted her and decided to start a collaboration. Their work has been very successful: she won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival for a performance in Yella in 2007 and she won many other awards, I won’t quote them all here!

Phoenix was a worldwide success, she won international fame for sure!

Parrallel to her cinema carrier, Nina Hoss continues to play on stage. Since 2013, she’s now part of the Schaubühne Ensemble in Berlin, a famous theater of the German capital.

Futurology about Nina Hoss’ carrier?

Such a talent cannot stay away from Hollywood.  In this insighful portrait of the actress, Ryan Gilbey sums up her career and her upcoming projects. Obviously seduced by the actress, the journalist expresses his fear: it’s highly probable that she could be kidnapped by L.A. studios…

But for the moment, the beauty stays in Europe and she sings her love for her continent in a new song by Welsh group Manic Street Preachers: “Europe geht durch mich” (“Europe passes through me”).

I like this song. It is labelled as “disco-punk” because it takes its roots in the German music from the 70s. I enjoy so much that English and German lyrics are mixed together!

“Europa Geht Durch Mich” is one of the tracks of the album Futurology by Manic Street Preacher. It has been produced in Berlin by Alex Silva, Welsh-born music producer and husband of Nina Hoss.

The last question is: Will Nina Hoss once come to Oceania? I hope so !

Sally Welly

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