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Sally Albright, famous protagonist of Hollywood romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, is a journalist. But as the movie is focused on her colourful relashionship with Harry, we never see her in action! 

whenharrymetsally_car2I owe this blog to her never-existing carrier and her genious creator Nora Ephron, that I admire a lot. Prolific writer (she tried her hand at almost all possible types of writing), Ephron had enough talent to combine humour and wit, she could create shrewdly observed situation and write irresistible quotes. The dialogues between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal should stand as an exemple to all aspiring screenplay writers!

Because I love high-quality cinema as much as I can acknowledge the good qualities of a cheesy film, I’m not ashamed to claim that I enjoy When Harry Met Sally each time I see it again – I won’t confess how many times I watched it, though!

Pure fictional little chat between Sally Albright  & Gerry Austin

  • Gerry: So why don’t you tell me the story of your life.
  • Sally: The story of my life?
  • Gerry: We got 24 hours to kill before we hit New Zealand.
  • Sally: The story of my life isn’t even gonna get us out of France; I mean, nothing’s happened to me yet. That’s why I’m going to New Zealand.
  • Gerry: So something will happen to you?
  • Sally: Yes.
  • Gerry: Like what?
  • Sally: Like I’m going to Wellywood to become a cinema reporter.
  • Gerry: So you can write about things that happen to other people, about the wonderful life of stars that it’s not yours.
  • Sally: That’s one way to look at it. But that’s not mine. Read my articles, you egg !

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And watch and re-watch again one of the funniest and ever well-written American comedy of all times: When Harry Met Sally, (Rob Reiner, 1989) written by Nora Ephron.

Trailer here:


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